Vant Hul is a construction management company working with clients throughout the United States. Since 2005, our strategic focus is to build repeat business by exceeding client expectations.

The company was founded in 2005 by Greg L. Van’t Hul and is headquartered in Orange County, California. The company became successful by offering clients turnkey solutions for a wide range of technically complex entitlements, engineering and construction projects. Vant Hul’s track record of providing quality Compressed Natural Gas Construction services resulted in the development of a long-term alliance-type relationship with a top alternative fuels and innovative industry leading client. This relationship formed the basis for the company’s current backlog of work.

As a full-service contractor we can offer a range of services covering all facets of project delivery.

Key Performance Indicators
Vant Hul recognizes the importance of meeting client goals and expectations. With ever increasing pressure facing our clients to improve financial performance, bottom line performance is what counts! We measure our success based on our performance in the areas of safety, budget, schedule, quality of workmanship and, most important, each client’s evaluation of our performance.

Many clients have specific operational criteria that need to be addressed in their projects and program. For example, for the Foothill Transit Authority the requirement was to provide uninterrupted fuel distribution to critical city busing services. We met this challenge by developing a detailed schedule involving all of the client’s management team, receiving constant communication during the construction conversion from diesel to compressed natural gas CNG.

When we start up a new CNG Construction project we establish all cost, schedule, quality, safety performance goals and client-specific goals for that project. We regularly monitor these goals and measure our performance to ensure client satisfaction. However, we take this one step further by inviting each client representative to complete project surveys that are designed to provide candid feedback on our performance. This ensures that we are continuously meeting client expectations and our goals are consistent with each client’s project goals.

Vant Hul continuously works with every client to improve our project delivery system as evidenced by cost and schedule performance and other relevant data such as change order management, subcontractor claims (or lack thereof), etc. The single most important factor we have found in achieving continuous improvement is through integrating our client’s needs with the entire contracting team in the planning and execution process. This results in identification of all client goals, expectations and facility completion requirements from the outset.
We have found that how we do business is just as important as producing a well-constructed facility. Before a project is launched, we jointly produce an execution plan, which addresses all client requirements as an integral part of the plan. This fosters open communication and alignment of execution goals between our project team and each client, ensuring project execution.

As a full service construction company specializing in the total service delivery to clients with complex fuel management requirements, Vant Hul is committed to continuous improvement to reduce costs, shorten schedules, improve quality and deliver safe production.