LNG Contractors

As LNG Contractors, we are experts in working with Liquefied natural gas or LNG. LNG is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4) that has been converted temporarily to liquid form for ease of storage or transport

Vant Hul Construction is fanatical about health and safety when it comes to working with LNG. The requirement to store LNG in cryogenic tanks means that we are working with a dangerous chemical in a potentially hazardous environment means that we take safety very seriously.

As LNG Contractors, we are proud of our safety record the at every level of our organization. The health, safety, and well being of our employed contractors have equal importance with schedule, cost, quality, and productivity. Vant Hul emphasizes accident prevention; strictly enforces safety procedures; and continuously monitors safety performance.

As alternate fuel services become more popular, Vant Hul’s business is growing. It’s a natural result of the growing popularity of LNG as an alternative fuel. As an LNG Contractor, we know from years of firsthand experience just how important every little detail of LNG Construction is. Certainly for safety reasons, but also to deliver the utmost in client satisfaction. We are meticulously focused on meeting client goals and expectations. In addition, we are keenly aware of the need to continually improve financial performance. After all, it’s the bottom line that counts!

In addition to to safety and cost-consciousness, we are ever concerned with optimum scheduling, quality of workmanship and, most importantly, each client’s evaluation of our performance. We often find that clients have specific needs and criteria which must be addressed in the proposals and the projects themselves. We are the LNG Contractors who pride our selves on repeat business, so each and every client is given our full attention at every stage of the project.

While we have worked on numerous successful projects since we began in 2005, we are not inclined to rest on our laurels! Our improvement philosophy runs deep. We work with every client to improve on our project delivery methods. Our cost and schedule performance and other relevant data demonstrate our results in the area.

We are the LNG Contractors who not only produce a well-constructed facility, but take great pride in knowing that we have produced and execution a plan which addresses each and every requirement backed up by a customer engagement approach that fosters open communication and alignment of execution goals between our project team and the client to ensure proper project execution.

We are at the beginning of an alternate fueling revolution and. Vant Hul Construction has the experience and qualifications to get the job done properly, safely and always resulting in a happy client who will call us again when the need arises.