Cost Management. To quickly and accurately produce cost estimates, budget status reports, management and expenditure reports, funding allocation comparisons, budget projection, funding applications and cash flow analyses, our professionals utilize various computer-based systems, such as Microsoft Excel, to assist in performing tasks quickly and accurately. The form of all reports will be tailored to conform to requirements.

Document Control.
Our document control system developed on various data base programs maintain distribution, history, and status of all project documents. The system produces transmittals, maintains history of document movement, and generates reports for follow-up action and status. This information is critical to managers and owners for overall management of the project and prevention of claims.

To provide a clear understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of our team members, we have defined them herein.

Project ManagerSubcontract AdministrationSuperintendent

Contractual Matters
Project Execution
• Costs/Accounting
• Cash flow
• Estimating
• Meetings
• Overall Schedule
• Forecasting Regs
• Detailing Reports
• Expenditure Reports
• Budget Tracking
• Client Surveys


• Subcontracts
• Document Control
  — Materials
  — Inspection
  — Permitting
• Planning /Scheduling
• Reporting
• Change Order Management
• Estimating
• Closure Documentation
• Remediation Reporting
• Regulatory Documentation


• Point of Contact
  — All field management
  — Coordinating Subcontractors
• #1 contact
• Scheduling
• Liaison between Owner /Agency
• Schedule Tracking & Updates
• Daily Report
• Safety & Quality Assurance
• Implement weekly job site meetings
• Supervise /Request inspections
• Field verify/quality control
• Performance
• Tracking
  — Testing dates
  — Permit dates/exp.
• Safety
• Change Monitoring
• Site Evaluations

The Vant Hul Team will produce a detailed schedule. This schedule, produced with our in-house Primavera System, will incorporate all key milestone activities, taking into account all production work requirements. This schedule will be updated at a minimum at each conference. In addition to the detailed schedule, the Vant Hul team will develop major milestone goals for construction.

Vant Hul’s Manager / Superintendent (with his team as required) will attend meetings and regulatory conferences. The Manager will maintain a record of meetings attended and topics discussed. The Manager’s attendance at all meetings and conferences will assure continuity in communications between the team and all other project participants.

Vant Hul will develop a schedule for submission of all:

  • Material inspection requests
  • Material lists
  • Coordination drawings
  • Schedule updates
  • Shop drawings
  • Samples
  • Test Reports
  • Permits
  • Close-out Documentation

  • In addition, Vant Hul will:

  • Receive, track and review for general compliance with the contract documents, material and other items submitted by the specialty subcontractor(s).
  • Prepare submittal return forms for approval and transmit to the subcontractor(s), once approval is made.
  • Monitor the time of submission and the processing submittals. Provide a status of submittals for discussion at weekly meetings. Vant Hul will also notify of any delays of the processing of submittals and take action necessary to eliminate delays

As a general contractor, Vant Hul will be responsible for the management of construction resources. Vant Hul proposes to apply the following services to direct the work:
Proactively support the design process to align with construction goals

  • Provide constructability input
  • Schedule alignment with construction

Oversee the construction process from inception to project closeout and facility turnover

  • Mobilization
  • Monitor CPM schedule
  • Subcontractor management
  • Manage subcontractor invoicing and payment
  • Change management
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Security
  • Construction / field engineering
  • Vendor submittal approvals
  • Weekly progress meetings with subcontractors at site

Liaison with Regulatory Agencies

  • Maintain communications
  • Provide clear understanding of requirements
  • Maintain relationships with regulatory agencies
  • Prepare funding applications

We have found these items provide the foundation to a successful project execution.

Vant Hul will prepare and develop an on-site, record keeping system. Such records shall include but not be limited to:

  • Chronological correspondence
  • Shop drawings
  • As-built drawings
  • Samples
  • Purchases
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Change orders
  • Supplemental agreements

In order to communicate progress, Vant Hul will:

  • Prepare written records of project progress during all stages.
  • Prepare a detailed daily diary documenting all events occurring at the job-site or elsewhere which affects or may affect program cost, progress, quality or time
  • Prepare reports including updated copies of all logs for RFI’s change orders, supplemental agreements, claims, submittals, etc. and submit for review.

Vant Hul will maintain a current marked up set of blue line drawings and specifications at the project site to reflect:

  • Addenda items
  • Changes
  • Approved deviations
  • As-built (mark-up, redline) conditions.

Vant Hul will select locations of views for monthly and final photographs to be taken. We will accompany the photographer at the job-site on a regular basis to ensure progress photos are maintained.

Vant Hul is committed to safety, the environment, effective management of resources and compliance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

Total Quality