Vant Hul recognizes that health and safety is the responsibility of every level of our organization. The health, safety, and well being of our employed contractors have equal importance with schedule, cost, quality, and productivity. Vant Hul emphasizes accident prevention; strictly enforces safety procedures; and continuously monitors safety performance.

Safety is the Number One priority at Vant Hul

Vant Hul’s philosophy is based upon the premise that all incidents can be prevented. Through this, Vant Hul has developed a Prime Safety Directive to all that states: “Safe Production Is #1”

Management at every trade and all levels are held accountable for safety of all operations. If an operation is to be performed, safety is not the priority — Safe Production is! Vant Hul subcontractors are directed – not requested – to inform us of unsafe conditions or operations. They are directed not to perform unsafe operations or use unsafe equipment.

Vant Hul has adopted a “Zero Incidents” philosophy company wide. To ensure this philosophy is implemented at every level, we have developed a comprehensive health and safety process. Key to the success of this process is the continuous identification and elimination of unsafe conditions and unsafe practices in the working environment. Vant Hul’s company is structured as a construction manager, subcontracting all labor and trade work. Since 2005 through multiple projects there has been: 0.0 OSHA Recordable Incidents and 0.0 Lost Work Day incidents.

We utilize a number of tools to ensure our “Zero Incident” philosophy and culture is implemented. These tools are described below.

Should an incident occur, no matter how small, it would be thoroughly investigated. If a laborer uses a Band-Aid due to a minor injury, or if a near miss occurs, it is investigated with the Project Manager, Superintendent/Foreman and laborer. The incident is reported and a report is made the same day. The results of the investigation are distributed to personnel through the daily job-site safety meetings in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

We believe in proactive participation in safety forums and related organizations that promote safety in the workplace.

Project Health and Safety Assessment Plans (HSAPs)
A site-specific Health and Safety Assessment Plan is developed for every Vant Hul job-site. These plans are generated by our corporate safety department in conjunction with our on-site project team and the owner’s personnel.
Each HSAP utilizes the following format:

  • Scope-of-Work
  • Projected Employee Totals/Duration of Work
  • Health and Safety Responsibility/Coverage
  • Pre-Placement Evaluation/Drug and Alcohol
  • Training Requirement
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection
  • Tripping Hazards
  • Medical Care
  • Acknowledgement Form

Safety Task Assignments (STAs)
Safety Task Assignments are prepared for all tasks (routine and non-routine) by the actual crew assigned to the job. The purpose of a STA is to identify all potential hazards of a job and then develop a plan to eliminate, or mitigate the consequences of, each hazard. The STA form includes a PPE checklist as an aid to identifying protective equipment that might be required. After the STA has been developed, it is then signed by all crew members to ensure buy-in to the plan.

Health & Safety Observation Reports (HSORs)
The purpose of a Health and Safety Observation Report is to document actual work being performed in the field and to note whether this work is being performed safely or unsafely. Unsafe actions lead to corrective actions and possibly revised work practices. HSORs documenting safe work practices can lead to employee commendations, safety awards, etc.

Vant Hul’s health and safety process is built around the systematic implementation of the above tools, backed by continuous monitoring of full implementation and continuous training of employees, at all levels.